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Here is a collection of my thoughts on digital marketing, branding‍‍‍, content creation and much more!

Confessions of an Advertising Man — 30 David Ogilvy quotes that are still applicable today

‍‍‍My interests in advertising ‍‍‍and marketing got ignited by the book “Conf‍‍‍essions of an Advertsing Man” written by David Ogilvy - the father of advertising. Even though this book got published in 1963, a lot of David Ogilvy’s thoughts are still applicable today.

Mar 13, ‍‍‍2018

Advertisement fails?

The advertisi‍‍‍ng industry itself embraces many challenges, one of which is that the public are exposed to many ads and show negative attitudes towards advertising in recent years.

However, does it indicate the fail of advertising?

Dec 3, 2017

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